Rapidly dispatch first responders

and save lives

How RespondR Works

Save minutes

save lives

Updates GPS location in real time

reducing response time

Accesses camera and audio

documenting the emergency 

Connects to an emergency response center 

that relays your personal and health information

empowering first responders with more data

Connects to five emergency contacts

notifying family, friends, doctors

In Partnership with GEOS Response - IERCC

Worldwide Emergency Response

Since 2007, the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC) has organized more than 11,000 emergency responses in 198 countries and territories. 

No Language Barriers

The IERCC operates 24/7/365 and has the ability to interact in over 200 languages and dialects. No matter what language you speak, your emergency will be properly communicated and responded to.

Rapid Dispatch

Speed is the primary concern with people requesting emergency services. We dispatch emergency services in under 60 seconds to ensure the fastest response time for our customers

User Story

Joe in Colorado

National Beta Test Participant

For many years Colorado has been facing an emergency response time crisis, struggling to achieve goal wait times for high-priority medical emergencies. 


After spotting an invitation to the RespondR beta test in the App Store, Joe enrolled and linked his emergency contacts and health records into the RespondR system. While out at a restaurant having dinner with his wife, Joe experienced sudden and severe chest pains. 


The RespondR team identified his history of heart issues based on his medical record on hand and immediately contacted a rescue team.


RespondR dispatchers identified a fire engine that was located just two blocks away. Empowered with patient health record data, paramedics rushed in to help Joe. 

I just tapped the help button.

Joe was saved!

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Are you ready to save lives?

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can protect your members, clients and communities

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