Better outcomes for

patients with

health disparities

How Navigator Works


Engaged patients,

reduce costs.

Access to a care manager 

reduces avoidable ED visits

Timely rescheduling of appointments 

increases provider’s capacity

Access to reliable transportation 

reduces missed appointments

An easy to follow health care plan 

increases compliance

In partnership with El Centro Regional Medical Center


Imperial Valley

A UC-San Diego Health managed hospital located in rural, Imperial County. Additionally it has the second highest unemployment rate in the Nation.

Latinos account for 85% of the population of Imperial County with approximately 65% receiving medical treatment from Medicaid


Large Latino Population


Social Determinants

of Health

Large Medicaid population impacted by social determinants of health such as health literacy

          With 90% of our Medicaid patients having a smartphone, we project Navigator could save at least 20% of our expenses for our Medicaid covered patients. 

Christian Tomaszewski, MD, MS, MBA, FACEP, FACMT, FIFEM 


Chief Medical Officer, El Centro Regional Medical Center 

Vice Chief of Staff, UC-San Diego Health 

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