The Founders


Jay Elliot



was the Founder and CEO of iMedGO, Inc. an emergency medical apps software company. Prior to iMedGo he was the Founder and Chairman of Migo, Inc. a public traded mobility software com- pany. Mr. Elliot has more than 30 year’s technical software development experience with IBM, Intel and Apple Computer. While at Apple, he worked Directly for Steve Jobs as the SVP of Operations.


In the healthcare industry, Elliot was the chief executive officer of New Health Systems, a network technology group connecting physicians and payers to patients and affiliated hospitals. As part of the New Health plan, Mr. Elliot spent one year with the UCLA Medical Center and UCLA Computer Science Department helping to develop a software system for the operation of Tele-medical centers.


Mr. Elliot has written two best selling books about his experience at Apple and working for Steve Jobs. “The Steve Jobs Way”, with 2 million copies sold in 40 countries and 50 languages and “Leading Apple with Steve Jobs

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Dr. Beth Anne Baber PhD MBA



is a scientist and a social-impact entrepreneur that addresses barriers to improving patient outcomes through the convergence of technology, patient engagement, and policy. She’s a longtime patient advocate working closely with Congress, federal agencies, and the former White House on precision medicine, cancer initiatives, and health policy.


Dr. Baber has more than 20 years of academic research experience in signal transduction, cancer genetics, virology, immunology, neurobiology, and developmental biology. Her research focused on the understanding of DNA damage repair following exposure to radiation and chemotherapeutic agents that led to publications in major scientific journals, including Science and Nature.